10 Aug

It’s amazing how one day you can feel one way and the next another. Life has a way of presenting change to us all. Thoughts of change is like that letter we received as a child from the person that admired us that said, do you like me check yes or no. It isn’t forced upon us but it is made known that it is available, thoughts of change are indicators from the universe saying to us you have experienced all that you will experience in this area of your life, and you have  a choice to evolve into something new. I want to challenge you to make the change and see how your life evolves. Change is a indicator that the universe is wanting to move me to bigger and better.


The great push

9 Aug

Everyone of us before we came to the earth plane made an agreement with the universe that we would evolve and become enlightened. So we encounter things in our lives that assist us along the way, but many times instead of looking at these happenings as tools to help us along our journey we resent and regret them. So instead of being pushed by these experiences we find ourselves being pulled back into a whirlwind of disappointment , not because that was what the universe was trying to present to us: but because of our level of conscientiousness. We will never really decide to live in fullness if we won’t change our perception of things, a change in perception  is the element that presents us to the great push; where we become forgivable and forgiven. This is when we become unattached to the beginning or the end of a thing, this is the place in life to where we experience the peace that surpasses all understanding, by simply choosing not  to be offended; recognizing that everything that has come and will come in my experience is rendering me tools to best fit my journey. I must get in the practice of  mentally seeing all of my experiences as something that is revealing the greatest powers and truth to me; in order for me to best articulate my divine image to the universe. If I fell to do so then I will continue to succeed in bringing suffering, guilt, pain, regret and fear  to myself. Someone may be saying how do I change my perception of the things that come into my life? Well the way we do that is when a situation presents itself, let’s without judging it; let’s consciously ask the situation why are you here, and what is it you came to teach me. What we  find out is  that the very answer we seek will present itself to us through a seemingly outward manifestation of a problem. Everything that is manifested outside of us comes to reveal to us the power that we posses within. One of the ancient scriptures quote it like this: “Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us.” In other words, if sickness presents itself then the power of healing within me is trying to make itself known; if lack presents itself then the power of wealth is trying to present itself to me, if impatience  presents itself then the power of long suffering is trying to present itself to me through me and so on and so forth. This goes for everything that manifest in our lives, every presentation requires examination. When we learn to examine each presentation with a different outlook, then we receive form the universe the great push; our lives are now in acceleration mode. New people, new experiences, new levels and dimensions of life continuously.


What’s in it for Me?

1 Aug

You know Baby girl and I; when I say baby girl I’m referring to my wife. Any who we were talking about how in this time in our lives we aren’t really interested in spending much time with the people of our past. We’re looking to connect with new people, make new friends and have new experiences. The people of our past are cool to see occasionally but they aren’t to great with helping us get to the next level in our lives. With new people come new experiences and new surroundings, which are needed in order to experience apart of us that we hadn’t encountered before. The ancient scriptures quote it like this:  “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you,thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.”
In other words people that refuse to have these thoughts about us don’t deserve to be partakers in our journey; at least not hands on. The only people that we should allow into our experience are the people that are trying to see us to our exspected end. People say we shouldn’t go into things looking for something, but we shouldn’t go into things looking to come out empty handed either. We are full of purpose, creativity, love, wisdom and infinite possibilities. So before I decide to bring people into my life I must inwardly ask myself; ” What’s in it for me?” If it will be beneficial to my exspected end then it deservers my attention, and if it doesn’t then, we’ll save ourselves alot of frustration and pain by being wise enough to say this relationshop is for someone but it just isn’t  me.

Be Selfish

29 Jul

So many time in life we choose to ignore the things we desire, so that other people may be satisfied or pleased with us. What I have come to realize is that; people most times want to give us plans to accomplish in our lives that have nothing to do with our purpose, but it has everything to do with them some how trying to mulnipulate us into an egoic fix on their part. So we find ourselves doing things that agrrivate and frustrate us to our core, but because we never want to let this person down we’ll put ourselves through hell trying to make them happy. We bring their dreams alive by abandoning ours and most times we still never satisfy them, because there is always more that we could have done as far as they’re concerned.  Then we become angry and resentful because we feel as if we have no say so when it comes to our lives; we close down, bottle up our dreams thinking that maybe it wasn’t meant to be. All of these changes I’ve experienced, and the best way to come out on top and be happy is to be selfish. We have to decide that if my life is ever going to flurish and be full of purpose I have to decide now that this is the time for me to focus on my dreams, goals, visions, relationships and greatness. We have to say “Im so focused on the greatness in me that is meant to serve my community, that I’m willing to perfect me  and only me until I have the power to best serve others. So from this day forth let’s make a vow that we will be selfish to reach our goals and dreams. And to be Selfish basically means ” I’m going to deal with my Self – Ish, so that i can be the best I can be.